Soft Pink Absorbent Insert – Suede Cloth Lined


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This soft pink absorbent insert is the perfect option for waterproof nappy shells, or anytime you need a ‘stay dry’ layer between the insert and baby’s soft, tender skin.

Made from 100% cotton, with a synthetic suede cloth lining for that superior ‘stay dry’ feel.

Nappy Insert Care:

Natural fibres have a potential to shrink, and so these fabrics have been washed before sewing to avoid any further shrinkage during regular use. Please wash on cold wash. Ease back into shape. Line dry if possible, to avoid any warping. If necessary, tumble on low. (Please note – any further shrinkage will in no way affect its absorbency.)

What’s the difference between natural fibre and synthetic fibre inserts? Most mass produced pocket nappies come with microfibre inserts. These are great at absorbing large amounts of fluids quickly, but lack the retention capabilities of natural fibres. They absorb much like a sponge; when pressure is applied moisture will be squeezed out again easily. Natural fibres are better at retaining fluid, and are also more breathable. This insert captures the best of both worlds; it has the superior absorbency of natural fibres, as well as the superior ‘stay dry’ ability of synthetics. A great choice for your little one!


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